Get yourself a Bengiii

Its never that serious…..

Light on: 20. 12.2019

“You two are so cute. LOML’S goals,” She said to us. This was two years ago. I never really knew this girl but one thing definately stood out, she was a whole vibe. “Too much of a solid woman to be tripping over some weak shit” type of vibe, all day long. Her life seemed so perfect it was honestly annoying. *still seems.

I mean, who approaches you before Mr. JR (AKA Mr. I worked in mcdonalds in the Us making pizzas. Not to mention his durag and cornrows. LOL)shows up for class and tells you to send her nudes(whispering). As if to convince you, she promises to crop your head off. What a way to deal with 40 minutes of a history class lecture on how to ensure you dont get a D in K.C.S.E.

He played rugby. So he starts by punching his fists against the wall until they turn pink. I wish someone could tell him he didnt have to go through pain to prove a point.(sigh)

Take one: Close your eyes and imagine receiving a D grade.

Take two: Imagine being a housewife with four chidren

Take three: imagine having to beg your hubby for money to go to the salon.

Will forever be indebted to Mr. JR

Back to the reason you are reading this blog….

BARBARA BENGI MGHOI (there is a way you say that last name, it needs to come from within)

Too glam too give a damn

Clearly there is a lot to say about this girl. But if i was at gun point i’d say she is fire. Fire enough to light up her soul and the souls of those lucky enough to melt the ice in there hearts with her flame. Damn!!!

Her flame burns everything trying to stop her. There is no stopping this girl. Gorgeous, smart, wild and untamable because she isn’t meant to be tamed she is meant to be understood.(now we know where Lianne Kelsey went wrong)

I need me a Bengi and so do you. Imagine having someone who actually gets excited to talk to you. (thats how much you are missing out on) .

Its 10 days to her bestie’s birthday. Every reason to give her a feature too. Lots of love Anya. Glow easy….

On some forever train with you guys. You deserve all your heart desires. xx

Kimmysdaily inspired by the one and only Bengi. (and the crowd goes wild!!!!)

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