Be the riot!

Its was past midnight when i received a call from Kagira.

Voicecall ongoing 01.25

“Heyyyyyyy Kagz!”




She must have dialed by mistake. I thought. So i reached out my hand to press the red button.

Just before i cancelled the call, i heard her let out a deep cry.

I had to sit up for this one. Suddenly, the supernova in me was awaken.

I hadnt heard her cry like that in a long time. It was the kind that comes from within, accompanied by that thing someones voice does when you try to cry silently.

Voicecall ongoing 10.46

I tried to calm her down but my efforts were futile. I didnt know what else to do at that point. It was frustrating.

Then she hung up on me.

I tried calling again, but she didnt pick up my calls. I was worried sick.

An hour later, i got a text from her.

It read,

Im angry not at anyone but at myself.

Angry for all the times i have reduced my body to aesthetics forgetting all the work it has done to keep me alive.

Angry at me for declaring myself a grand failure for not being like others.

Angry at all the time i have wasted searching for love, searching everywhere for a miracle foolish enough not to realise i am living in one.



The paragraph easened out all the tension i had.

It was sweet relief.

Love yourself enough to thank yourself.

Regardless of your choises.

Regardless of your mistakes.

Go look in the mirror and hold that gaze and dont look away until you’ve told your own self ‘thank you’.

Because to love yourself should be no quiet affair, but a loud uprising.

So, be the riot!

Live the rebellion.

Kimmysworls inspired by Kagira.


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