But dear, there is sun after rain.

From: Kimmy

To: Everyone who’s shed their most beautiful parts to survive the harshness of the world.


I celebrate how you bleed but never break.

You’ve been in pain for so long that you’ve started seeing defects as warranties but…

Here is an assurance that the best views come after the hardest climb.

Meet Pendo.

(you’ll need a box of tissues for this one)

“you are not enough”

“Good for nothing”

You name it!

She had heard it all.

Pendo had gone through series of questioning her worth.

Consequently, she allowed herself to go through things that left her feeling ten times worse.

At some point, all was too much to bear for her.

She started drinking[heavily]

She wasted all her money on drinks in the club.

One thing led to another, she lost her job.

Pendo became miserable.

She nursed her depression in her mothers house for five years.

She put on eighty solid pounds during that time.

She always turned to food.

Food was an unusual comfort.

Fast forward.

Her mother started forcing her to join some local church.

She even signed her up to volunteer as a sunday school teacher.

I know, ‘volunteering!’

She had no choice. Her mother always called the shots in her house. No excuses whatsoever!

She was voluteering alongside Mato.

Their calls went from scheduling sunday school programmes to scheduling dates.

He was all Pendo’s heart needed to start beating again.

Plus God, ofcourse.

Sweet revival.

Love after pain.

Kimmysworld inspired by Pendo.


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