Screw the typical beauty standards‼

Nenu speaks:

I dont have a problem with my weight, im just tired of going through all the s*.

I have been skinny all my life.

Skinnier than what is “conventionally” deemed as good looking.

Growing up skinny is honestly tough.

Having to go through things like people making such a big deal about the space that is left when they put their middle finger and thumb around your arm joint

Or being asked how much water your collar bones could carry

Or being reminded about how sharp your knees and elbows are

Or being termed anorexic.


Its crazy how for some bizzare reason its seen as acceptable to pass judgement publicly on someone who is skinny.

This was honestly the toughest battle i fought when i was younger, and to imagine the impact on a young girl struggling with her insecurities, is awfully saddening.

Two words: Death sentence!

Nana speaks.

I honestly need a break!

I swear living in my house is not for the fainthearted.

My business is everyones business.

This includes the fact that im fat.

Apparently, they want the best for me.

But thats hard to believe, especially when all they do is pinch my chunk rolls.

And gang up against my servings.

“No wonder you’re this fat.” This was a phrase that rocked me to my core and sent me into a mental panic.

Its annoying because this is something that i cant change about myself.




Can we all agree that body shaming, whether skinny or fat, is unacceptable!

Beauty goes way beyond the reading on the weighing scale. Its the capacity to be human, despite so many hold backs.

You dont owe the world pretty. You dont owe the world thin. You dont owe the world thick. You dont owe the world a body that you have to sacrifice your mental health for. Megan.

Its not your job to stop them, its your job to not let it affect you.

A real woman is whatever the hell she want to be.

I’ll wrap this on that, but to sum it up, as long as you love yourself, their opinions can take a backseat.

And thats on period!

Kimmysworld inspired by Nenu and Nana.

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