Its better than drugs, Jeremy….

Showers bring out vulnerability. I’m talking about getting the chance to cleance beyond the physical. Doing away with the unbearable and reaching the spaces in between. Quite therapeutic if you ask me.

Which brings us to what i’ve been getting at this whole time.

Shower playlist on.

Now playing: Baby i’m jealous by Mr Eazi

We meet our babe Melinda, vibing offt tune but unbothered.She has this playlist on shuffle on her good days and this day is no exception. No stress, just vibes.

Mid shower, she brings back to mind all her top cringe worthy moments. She understood the assignment very well. I mean, the extents people go to ensure they’ve embarrassed themselves…

Conclusion: Tumekuwa watu bladifukin!!!

However something odd stands out though. She doesn’t hate herself for what she did neither does she cringe as much as she did some time back and she wouldn’t be happier.

See, Melinda has been on a journey towards self fullfilment. Acknowledging that a cringe means growth, it means you are beyond your past. She is proud of the girl who moved forward and became who she is now.


Next jam on the playlist: hamba nobani by boohle.

Shawrie couldn’t dance to amapiano even if her life depended on it. Whatever she is doing now is utter disrespect. (chuckles).

Mambo ya stima achia watu wa stima please.

Repeat after me: I am no longer available to things that make me feel like shit!

Love, Kimmysuniverse



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